Something More…

An important theme for us at Rosebud Centre of the Arts is “Something More”. It is a reflection of what you, our patrons, have eloquently told us about your Rosebud Experience. Some call it peace, some call it sanctuary. Some call it retreat. Some simply feel uplifted and have no desire to name it or they don’t know how to place a label on it at all. Just…”something more.”

The truth of the matter is that there is, indeed, something more to Rosebud. Something more…creatively. Something more…artistically. Something more…spiritually and something more...relationally. For the theatre, it is a place where you can come and explore faith and some of life’s bigger questions. For the school, it is about transformation. Of an individual, of a community, and of the world. For our hospitality department, it is going the extra mile and exceeding your expectation. It is “family” serving “family”.

Whatever your “something more” is, we are filled with gratitude that you have chosen us.

Welcome to Rosebud. May God bless your journey and your adventure of the heart.

Rosebud Mercantile

Rosebud School of the Arts

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